Privacy Policy


This privacy policy sets out how Emptor Plus Ltd, (EPL), uses and protects any information provided by a user making use of its website via any electronic device and associated applications. 

Please see our separate website terms and conditions of use. These can also be accessed directly from our website. 

Where a user provides certain information to us, where a user can be identified when using our website then such information will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy.

Who are we?

Emptor Plus Limited (EPL) is a private limited company, registered in England. Our Companies House registration number is: 7790687. Our ‘Registered Office’ is: 3, Risborrow Close, Etwall, Derby, DERBYSHIRE DE65 6HY ENGLAND. EPL’s ‘Office Premises’ is: (Room 15), 32, Friar Gate, Derby DE1 1BX ENGLAND. We are a Value Added Tax registered company. The registration number is: 127147327.

Our official website is: https//, facilitated by an independent services provider, details of who can be found on our web site.

Our general capability scope is defined as: business support and constant services to industry

Terminology used in this policy

Throughout this document reference is made to the terms ‘user, users and/or users’. In this regard such reference can be taken to mean: any person, institution, organisation and/or company, including both sellers and buyers. 

The purpose of this policy purpose

We have an obligation and are committed to protect the privacy of all visitors to our website, and that of any user, in line with the General Data Protection (GDPR) regulation. We therefore require that all users read the following privacy policy to understand how your personal data is both used and importantly protected.

When a user provides personal data to us, consent on its collection and use is also given in accordance with this policy.  

What personal data do we collect?

When a user makes use of our website and provides information including through our enquiry form or directly by engagement in the form of an order for the use of its services, then users may be asked to provide some personal information. We will, at all times, apply best endeavours to minimise the need for personal information to be provided and where practicable limit this to:

  1. Company name
  2. Contact information including name, e-mail address, telephone and/or mobile telephone numbers
  3. Public domain website links associate with the user organisation
  4. Standard browsing data about visits to our website and respective web pages. This data is collected on an anonymous basis and only makes use of conventional cookies and a user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address details. Any analysis undertaken by us will only use aggregated anonymous data.

We would ask users to note that the legal basis for any processing of user data is a user’s consent. Any other applicable legal position, which may include formalised commercial engagement interactions, will be subject to separate as may be relevant agreement with the user. 

Where a user makes an enquiry either directly and/or views our website then we will have assumed that the user has an interest in the services offered by us, unless otherwise advised by the user.

Personal information retention is for a period deemed to be both reasonable and/or as necessary to enable services or interests in to be satisfied. This includes that required by any applicable law, regulation or specific user engagement agreement and/or purchase order obligation.

For further information relating to specific retention periods then users are asked to enquire through the contact us e-mail address or text links.

How do we use your personal information?

We make use of a user’s data:

  • To enable services to be provided to the user organisation based on prior interest being advised by the user. This is in respect of legitimate commercial business opportunities relating to the services available through us.
  • To understand more about where user interests may be. Any information gathered is both anonymous, aggregated and cannot be attributed to any user. We do not use personal data for the purpose of direct market research. We will only make contact with a user or user organisation by e-mail, telephone, info web access or letter for commercial business interests and/or potential opportunity follow-up purposes.

We do not:

  • Disclose user personal information to third parties. Where disclosure is required then we will obtain prior written consent from a user and/or user organisation. Where this involves any international transfer then we are and will remain bound by the regulations appropriate for both sending from the United Kingdom and also those applicable to any receiving country and vice versa.
  • Use a subscription-based tool, for example mail chimp or similar, for data collection purposes. Users will therefore not receive direct marketing material from us and will not need to unsubscribe. 

Where a user requires data to be deleted, for any purpose or reason, then we will only need to advise us using the contact us link:



  • Are committed to the need to protect personal information. 
  • Will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to ensure that a user’s personal data is managed securely to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration, in accordance with this privacy policy.  
  • Recognise that data transmissions over the internet or via any other networks cannot be guaranteed and may not be 100% secure. 
  • Cannot prevent the use or misuse of such data sent by others.  
  • Will apply best endeavours and take appropriate steps to ensure that any user data is protected.

About Cookies

Cookies are small files that are placed on users’ computers in order to enable websites to work more efficiently. They first ask for permission to sit on a computer’s hard drive. Once a user accepts them then they are added to a computer’s hard drive. Cookies help with the analysis of web traffic and assist with information capture relating to user site and page visits and preferences. Most web browsers do automatically and routinely accept cookies.

At EPL, we only use cookies to monitor website performance to assist with improvements to user experiences. We do not use cookies for any other purpose. 

For your information, a cookie does not allow access to a user’s computer or any information about a user’s data other than that which a user readily shares with us.

Where a user is unhappy with the way in which cookies are used by us then website deletion and removal of any cookies is the recommended action to be taken. Where users wish to continue with website access after removal the browser use in anonymous setting mode is recommended.  

User browser settings can usually be modified to prevent acceptance where a user prefers this to be the case. Please note that modification to user browser settings can affect web page accesses and may lead to some user access restriction experiences. 

At EPL and as a business practice both cookies and browsing history is removed on a regular basis. We do this using standard desktop and branded security cleaning and removal technology options. 

Cookies on EPL’s website Google Analytics 

We do make use of ‘Google Analytics’ for basic information relating to website traffic. Any information provided through Google Analytics tool usage is always anonymous and is never used for any marketing purpose. Users can find out more about Google Analytics and privacy settings by visiting their website: 

Users can opt out Google Analytics data gathering without affecting web page access or browsing experience by visiting: 

Other services and websites

We make use of other external links on our website. These are to external organisations for display and useful ‘user’ reference purposes with direct links included on our website. We cannot prevent these sites, or other external domains, from collecting information relating to a user’s usage or any embedded or links to content where used. Any link provided by us is for assistance and interest purposes only. 

Users should accept that once leaving our website then we have no control over any external website visited by a user. In leaving our website via a link provided by us will put users under the privacy policy controls of the new site visited. Accordingly, we recommend that caution is exercised, and that time is taken, to view any relevant privacy statement applicable to the website visited. 

Where users are not logged in to external link sites then these sites will only be able to gather information on an anonymous basis, for example number of views and time etc. If in any doubt then we advise users not to use external services sites and or embedded links on our web pages until separate direct user checks have been made.

E-mail and marketing communications

We do not undertake direct marketing activities based on any information collected during normal business activities. Accordingly, users will not receive marketing material or related communications from us other than in connection with commercial business interactions already being undertaken or potential future work activities. In this regard privacy undertakings remain as set out in this Privacy Policy. 

E-mails sent by us relating to normal business interactions have no tracking facilities embedded within them. We cannot guarantee or be responsible for e-mail communication information tracking through any embedded external links, accessed through our website. If, therefore, in any doubt then users must not to open any such link and instead undertake direct checks before proceeding.  

Controlling user personal information

Under GDPR users have the right to choose and restrict the collection or use of their personal information. This means that users have the right to:

  1. Request a copy of the personal information held by EPL about the user.
  2. Object to certain types of processing and/or direct marketing.
  3. Request that the data held by EPL about a user is transferred to another organisation.
  4. Request that EPL deletes user personal data and ensure that it is erased from EPL’s records.
  5. Request that any inaccuracies in user data held by us is corrected.
  6. Withdraw any prior consent given.
  7. Object to any automated processing of a user’s personal data.

Where a user wishes to exercise any of the above, contact us in writing, either by post or through the contact us facility on EPL’s website. Details in this regard are:

Registered Office: 3, Risborrow Close, Etwall, Derby, DE65 6HY DERBYSHIRE ENGLAND.

Business Premises’: (Room 15), 32, Friar Gate, Derby DE1 1B ENGLAND, or via the links provided on our contact us page:  

Anonymous visitor data

Our website does collect visitor behaviour data. We do this only on an anonymous and aggregated basis and for webpage optimisation purposes. We do not collect such data for any marketing purpose. Cookies may be used to assist with data collection but importantly all remains anonymous. Data collection of this type can be refused by a user at any time and as set out in this privacy policy.

Updates and changes

This privacy policy will be periodically reviewed and may change at any time without notice of change being given. We therefore ask users to check and read this policy each time our website is visited.


Any and all material contained on our website is of a general information nature only. Information contained within our website does not constitute professional advice, or indeed represent any form of endorsement or preference. Users must always take additional and separate professional advice directly in the context of their circumstance(s) before electing to take a course of action. 

We recognise that the internet is an open system. This means that such information can be accessed by others who are outside our control and/or influence. Accordingly, we cannot warrant that our site and any links, including downloads, reach a user virus and malware free. It is therefore important that users take all and any appropriate precautions for their safety and security in line with good practice and any user-company procedure or policy. 

Accordingly, we do not accept directly or indirectly any responsibility for a loss or losses arising directly or indirectly from reliance on information contained on and or accessed via our website.

Our thanks

Thank you for taking the time to read our Privacy and GPDR Policy and of course for using our website. Please take a few more minutes to look at our website terms of use.