Third Sector Support

Helping others to achieve & succeed

We support third sector organisations. These are networks, charities, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises and cooperatives. These are organisations that are structurally non-governmental, non-profit making and value-driven.

We draw on our business ethos to help and support others, organisations and people to achieve and succeed. We do this using our experience, connections and comprehensive knowledge. We can help and make a difference in the areas of:

Organisational social aims:  We can support the creation of activities for ‘social aim policies and impact assessments.

Business knowledge and planning:  We can assist with development, knowledge gathering and business plan alignment activities.

Project-level financial management: We can assist with planning and financially control a project learning, a ‘must do’ for any evolving social enterprise and network.

Resourcing and volunteer retention: We can assist and support other specialists to attract, find and grow new and existing talent (best-fit) people. 

Maximising value from cost: We can guide on approaches for increasing business profit and cash generation and stretch investment benefits on social aims. We can help organisations to achieve more through our guidance and independent or mentoring to maintain operational running.

Monetising footprints: We can guide you on increasing venue-based footprints, using more than just targets. 

Marketing awareness:  We can guide on optics beyond the website and social media posting before committing to cost, plus keeping pace with technology directions and times. 

Using our expertise and in-depth market knowledge will add value to any evolving third-sector organisations on future socioeconomic challenges.


Let’s make a real difference

for people and for organisations, where it counts most