Services & Support

Industry & landscape knowledge

Evolution awareness for access and best use of industry guides and material for development and market entry needs.

Supplier & supply chain development

Industry expectations pertinent to market entry, including market readiness. We do this at both national and international levels. We can provide direction to assist with beneficial improvement and support programmes that can make a difference. We include continuous improvement along with training and maintaining professional development at the company and individual levels. 

Strategy development & research support

Industrial and high-integrity market-based research draws on our vast portfolio of market knowledge and intelligence and its direction, whether advisory or project-specific activity-based. Strategy development assistance can be in terms of both technology and supply chain considerations.

Industry sourcing, registration, selection and pre-qualification

Supply chain sourcing and pre-qualification activities geared towards order-winning aims and objectives. Strengthening supply chain risk-based engagement cycle awareness through matching this to potential collaborative opportunities.

Regulatory, codes, standards & controls

Guidance on how regulatory, licence conditions and project control requirements impact the supply chain, including why. We address market expectations, cultures and behavioural issues with a focus on safety and security considerations. We provide specific guidance on what the market expects from a business and its supply chain. We equally include continuing improvement and maintaining professional development at the company and individual levels. 

Independent reviews, tutorials & workshops

Direct advisory guidance tailored to suit supply chain companies, educational establishments, legal, insurance and professional bodies. We include tailored forms of mentoring support activities at both team and individual levels on a distance basis.

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