Industry Connections

Making it easy for  buyer and seller organisations to: connect, source against, find out about potential opportunities, capabilities and experience is important, but at time complex. To simplify this we provided a selection of direct links to recognised organisations who, have created useful industry guides and directories.

Particular organisations include:

  • The Energy Industry Council (EIC), which is an excellence energy sector support information with membership benefits. The EIC has created useful and easy to access and read buyer guides which include a downloadable procurement guide  and also an online interactive guide both of which provide valuable energy industry supply chain information. We recommend your interest in the EIC and making good use of their industry guides. For information about members benefits then please use the EIC membership link.


  • The Nuclear AMRC provides high integrity industry research and supply chain support, along with membership benefits. The Nuclear AMRC has also created a useful and easy to access buyers guide, called F4NConnect. Launched in 2016, this interactive guide also provides valuable nuclear sector supply chain capability information, based on companies who have completed their Fit for Nuclear (F4N) programme. For information about member benefits then please use the Nuclear AMRC’s membership link.


All are established and recommended membership organisations and are a valuable source of news information and guidance