Nuclear Safety Culture

Nuclear safety culture is defined by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) as: “an organisation’s values and behaviours – modelled by its leaders and its members – that serve to make nuclear safety an overriding priority”

Looking at what is implied is the notion that nuclear power plants are designed, built and operated to produce power in a safe, reliable and efficient such that the very concept of nuclear safety culture applies to every employee in the nuclear organisation, from the board of directors to the individual contributor and that the joint focus is on nuclear safety. The same principle also applies to radiological safety, industrial safety and environmental safety. Nuclear safety is ranked as the first priority in a nuclear station and is never compromised.

The very notion as set out above can be applied to any organisation and supply chain member working in the nuclear sector, and are as set out in the 8 internationally accepted principles as set out below:

  1. Everyone is personally responsible for nuclear safety
  2. Leaders demonstrate commitment to safety
  3. Trust permeates to organisation
  4. Decision-making reflects safety first
  5. Nuclear technology is recognised as being special and unique
  6. A questioning attitude is cultivated
  7. Organisational learning is embraced
  8. Nuclear safety undergoes constant examination

To find out more and to gain a wider appreciation then a few minutes reading the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) essential guide, ‘the essential guide for the nuclear supply chain‘ specifically pages 13-15 (page 15 in particular) is recommended. Act on the 8 principles with you business will make a difference and position you as a stand-out company.