Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19)

We recognise the need to do all that we can, and more, to protect and assist our clients, our suppliers, our employee’s and associates from the effects of Coronavirus 19 during this difficult and uncertain period. With health and safety, for all, being our number-one priority we are maintaining a full lock-down in line with our Government requirements. This means that our business activities and support will, as a result, be limited to that which we can deliver on a virtual basis, on-line and/or by-telephone.

We have temporarily closed our Derby Office facility for the duration of this lock-down period however will remain ‘virtually’ open for business and other related support activities, but on a distance-only-basis.

During this unprescedented period of uncertainty for all we would reinforce the need to do as our Government has asked:

1. Stay at our home and isolated.

2. Only leave our home for exercise, essential shopping exercise and necessary health or emergency appointments.

3. Help others, whilst maintaining the 2-meter distance, where there is a real need.

4. Wash hands throughly especially after touching anything coming into our and or following any contact with people from outside of our home.

By doing this we will all help protect ourself, our family and most important of all our NHS.